Medical Information Technology

Digital patient data management systems lead to new requirements for clinic planning and their organization. Complex surgeries are planned in advance by means of special programs and carried out digitally navigated. Supply processes for sterile goods and consumables are controlled digitally and needs-based navigated. These examples are only a small selection of important subject areas at the interface between medical technology and information technology. In addition, enormous amounts of data coming from digital imaging systems require high demands regarding server structure, hardware and networks. This results into new important questions, such as the availability of data, data security and data protection. To the same extent the requirements for remote monitoring of the medical technology equipment and devices have also grown. We are your partner in the preparation, planning, and executing of complex software procurement. In close collaboration with IT experts of the projects, we bring the medical and medical-technological requirements into the planning process. We translate users’ needs into clearly defined requirements. Last but not least SBR engineers coordinate healthcare projects from the planning and execution phase up to full launch and handover.


→ In the preparation of complex measures for the introduction of new medical software, we first elaborate clear and appropriate requirements and then control the objectives, contents and costs.
→ SBR engineers specialize in analyzing requirements and organizational processes in healthcare. They support their customers in the realization of complex tasks in the planning of hospitals and medical technology implementations. They coordinate healthcare projects from the planning and execution phase up to full launch and handover.
→ With an interface analysis and the clarification of technical requirements, we determine important requirements for the subsequent realization before the introduction of new software
→ We support our clients in the preparation of specifications and tender documents, the implementation of competition procedures for the procurement and the controlling of the commissioning up to the full launch of the project


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